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Gingivitis VS. Periodontitis

Do you ever get weary of hearing your dental hygienist asking you how many times a day you are brushing or flossing??  When we hear your answers, it gives us the opportunity to educate you about what is going on inside your mouth.

Do you know the difference between gingivitis and periodontitis?

Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. This is when the plaque has not been removed from the teeth and the bacteria produce toxins which then lead to infection. The signs are red, swollen, inflamed, and some bleeding gums. This stage is reversible with proper brushing and flossing.  However, when there is not enough brushing and flossing, the plaque  builds up  and infects the gums, teeth and the bone that supports them, leading to a more severe form of gum disease, called periodontitis.

There are 3 stages of periodontal disease: early, moderate, and advanced. 


               -     Inflammation progresses into the supporting structures of the teeth      

               -     There is some bone loss which results in a pocket

               -     Gums continue to bleed 


-      Continued inflammation and destruction of the supporting structures of the teeth

-      More noticeable bone loss and some tooth movement

-      Bone loss extends between roots of teeth


-      Bone loss and tooth mobility increases

-      Eventual loss of  one or more teeth        

To prevent gum disease you can brush with a soft bristled toothbrush and floss, get regular dental cleanings twice a year, and do not smoke or use any other form of tobacco.

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